Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Ocean Waves - a Blank Card Collection in Ocean Colors.
Each Card is Hand Painted in Watercolors with a Variety of Swirls and Waves.

"The Four Seasons" (Shown - Autumn)
2 of each season = set of 8 cards  / $18.00
Trees in the 4 Seasons 
Spring (has blossoms)
Summer (bright Sunshine and Green Grass below)
Autumn (similar to what is pictured)
Winter (bare with cool tones and snow)

Thank You!  Variety Pack
8 cards with a variety of images = set of 8 cards  / $18.00
 All have Thank You! Somewhere in the cover image.
Choose from: Floral, Animal, Whimsical or Decorative

"Come over and sit awhile with me!"
a blank card which perhaps could be an invitation for tea or lunch?  Or a housewarming card?
A sample of the blank decorative cards in the "variety pack - all occasion"
set of 8 cards  / $18.00

"Fun Flowers" a series of whimsical flowers in bright fun colors.
set of 8 cards  / $18.00

"JUST FOLLOWING THE SUN" a series of cards suitable for encouragement or safe travels.
Each shows an animal (like the Turtle above) on a path, heading towards the sunshine.
Images in the current works include:
Turtle (shown), Giraffe, Dolphins, Elephants, Monkeys, 
There will be a "Moonlit Skies" collection that obviously will have more evening and dusk images, using Owls, Wolves and other Night-Time Creatures.
Sets of 8 / $18 

Some Flowers are Fun Flowers - Seasonal Flowers with A Variety of Reasons or Seasons.
The above is a test image for the upcoming holiday season.  Testing new paints and color schemes can only happen if I actually draw and paint with them. 

I will be auctioning off my "Test Samples" soon!  

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